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Shangtex Holding (Group) Corporation

chemical fabric;

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The textile industry used to be honored as the “Mother” industry of Shanghai. Furthermore, state-owned textile companies used to be a flag of Shanghai industries, which have made great contributions to the development of Shanghai.

   The history of Shangtex Holding (Group) Corporation (brief as “Shangtex”) can be traced back as follows, that is, Shanghai Mechanical Textile Bureau set up by Qing Dynasty in 1878, China Textile Construction Corporation built by the national government in 1945, East China Textile Management Bureau of Ministry of Textile Industry and Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau established in 1949, Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau consolidated from the above two bureaus in 1958, and Shangtex restructured and reformed form Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau and Shanghai Textile State-owned Assets Management Company in 1995. Therefore, until now Shangtex has a glorious history over a hundred and thirty years.

   In recent years, with the development concept of ‘Hi-Tech & Fashion’, Shangtex endeavors to establish its business in high-end segment of the textile industry, with a business focus on hi-tech, green, branded and fashion textiles. The group contributes to the modernization of textile service industry in its hometown Shanghai through its efforts of extending business through the value chain from traditional manufacturing to services.

   Now, as a technology driven large enterprise group, supported by brand marketing and international trade and strengthened by advanced textile manufacture and fashion industry, Shangtex is the largest international trade group in Shanghai and also a comprehensive enterprise group with an integration of science, industry and trade and a complete textile industry chain as well. Shangtex owns a total asset of 23.4billion yuan, with 18 thousand employees, 206 affiliated companies and 2 listed companies. In 2010, Shangtex reaches a turnover of 36.5 billion yuan, with a profit of 650 million yuan and import & export income of 4.17billion US dollar (export income of 3.17 billion US dollar and import income of 1 billion US dollar).

   Besides, Shangtex is ranked No. 220 in “China Fortune 500” of 2011, No.3 in “Top 100 Enterprises in China Textile and Garment Industry”, No.54 in “Top 500 Import & Export Enterprises in China”,No.1 in “ the Exportation of China Textile and Garment Industry” and No. 9 in the companies supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government in the field of sales income.

   Nowadays, Shangtex has shaped its three core businesses, “New functional Chemical Fiber and Material Products”, “Manufacture and Trade of Brand Textiles” and “Fashion Industry”.

   The first core business is New functional Chemical Fiber and Material Products. Shangtex focuses on the development of new functional chemical fibers and material products with the features of high technology, differentiation and environmental friendliness. A series of new chemical fibers with independent IP rights have been developed and put into production continuously, such as the high temperature resistant fiber (Tanlon), Lyocell Bamboo fiber (the world first) and Prolivon fiber (Paster series). Shangtex also makes great efforts in the industrial textile with a significant development. Now Shangtex is the main supplier to various automobile manufactures, such as VW, GM and Honda in the field of automobile interior textile products, among which the domestic market share of Shangtex in car carpet is up to 40% and car interior knitting headliner fabrics 30%. Besides, the annual output of car safety belt is 100million meter with a domestic market share about 40%. Shanghai Shen-kobond New Material Co. Ltd. is the national largest manufacture in broadwoven PVC composites. Its products were used to build one third temporary venues in 2008 Beijing Olympics, several pavilions in 2010 Shanghai EXPO, and oil booms in Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, Shangtex is in the leading position in the field of constructional geotextile composite materials, with products widely used in the major national construction projects, such as Three Gorges Project, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Tianjin Binhai New Area.

   The second core business is Manufacture and Trade of Brand Textiles. Shangtex is one of the national largest enterprises in textiles and garments exportation, with the export income accounted for 13% in Shanghai Custom and clients in more than a hundred countries and areas. Meanwhile, Shangtex boasts many famous garment brands and home textile brands, with above 8,500 domestic sales outlets. As one of them, Three Gun owns more than 20% domestic market shares. In addition, its underwear sales network is assessed to be the best sales channel of underwear in Chinese market by Morgan Stanley. The brand value of “Three Gun” and “Conch” is 1.421 billion yuan an 1.246 billion yuan evaluated by World Brand Lab. Moreover, Shangtex has created a new sale mode, that is, the “Shangtex Brand Street”, a new access of new apparels and accessory products with own national brands, such as Three Gun, Conch and Minguang. Taking incubation and commercialization of Chinese original designer brand into consideration, Shangtex actively builds show platforms for the original local designers and highly promotes the construction of the popular apparel brand “EY” and high end apparel brand “Prolivon”. Furthermore, Shangtex has built various collaborations with many famous international brands, such as Disney, Adidas, Bagutta and Uniqlo.

   The third core business is Fashion Industry. Shangtex actively integrates into the tide of the development of the modern textile service in Shanghai, thoroughly digs into its long history and rich cultural heritage, vigorously promotes the fashion industry and expand a developing way, that is, a close integration of fashion industry and modern textile industry with creative parks as carriers and fashion events as platforms. Shangtex has established strategic cooperations with famous design companies, media groups, international fashion operation companies, professional colleges and government departments and built many influential creative parks, such as M50 and Highstreet Loft (Among 42 creative parks, there are 12 parks awarded as a creative industry cluster of Shanghai by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, accounted for 14.8% of the city and 3 parks awarded as a cultural and creative demonstration park by Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee, accounted for 20% of the City.). Meanwhile, Shangtex leads social resources, such as relevant universities and SMG, to set up a series of producer service gathering platforms in the filed of industry services, professional design and exhibitions, such as Shanghai Fashion Industry Development Center, Digital Quick Response Platform for High-end Garments, Shanghai International Design Center and SHANGHAITEX. Shangtex also undertakes Fashion Shanghai and Shanghai Fashion Week hosted by Shanghai Municipal Government, which have become the city business cards of Shanghai Culture and important platforms for Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country. They also have a great impact on the construction of an international fashion hub in Shanghai and the increase of the international influence.

   At the same time, Shangtex also puts forward the construction of its central R&D institute- Shanghai Textile Science Research Institute, which has built the most complete scientific research systems in the textile and garment industry of China in the field of intelligence information, standard test, technology R&D and achievement transformations. The institute boasts 4 national textile inspection and testing agencies, 5 national and oversea periodicals, that is, Dyeing and Fishing, Shanghai Textile Science & Technology, Synthetic Fiber in China, Textile Abstracts and Chemical Fiber Abstracts, and several portal and professional websites, such as Shanghai Textile R&D Service Platform(www.strdsp.com), Oriental Textile Technology Network (www.orienttex.com), China Dyeing and Finishing Information Network (www.cdfn.com.cn), and Synthetic Fiber Information Network. Since 2007, Shangtex has been awarded 1 National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 30 prizes in China Textile Science and Technology Conference, 20 high-tech achievement transformation projects acknowledged by Shanghai Municipal Government, 8 Prizes for progress of Science and Technology of Shanghai, and 1 project listed in 2009 Shanghai Hi-tech industrialization main projects. Besides, Shangtex has applied for 693 patents, including 85 invention patents, 32 utility model patents and 576 appearance patents. It has also gained 3 copyrights and built “Textile Patent Search Database”. In the aerospace field, Shangtex produced and supplied several high-tech products to Shenzhou V, VI, and VII, such as fabrics for the pilot parachute of the capsule, fabrics for the main parachute of the capsule, and the fire rope for the spacecraft (non-pollution safety fuse). It has made great contributions to the development of the national aerospace industry and gained the national award.

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