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Shangtex Holding (Group) Corporation

chemical fabric;

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The textile industry used to be honored as the “Mother” industry of Shanghai. Furthermore, state-owned textile companies used to be a flag of Shanghai industries, which have made great contributions to the development of Shanghai.
   The history of Shangtex Holding (Group) Corporation (brief as “Shangtex”) can be traced back as follows, that is, Shanghai Mechanical Textile Bureau set up by Qing Dynasty in 1878, China Textile Construction Corporation built by the national government in 1945, East China Textile Management Bureau of Ministry of Textile Industry and Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau established in 1949, Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau consolidated from the above two bureaus in 1958, and Shangtex restructured and reformed form Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau and Shanghai Textile State-owned Assets Management Company in 1995. Therefore, until now Shangtex has a glorious history over a hundred and thirty years.
   In recent year... [Details]